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Evia Medical Technologies is a manufacturer and does not sell directly to end users.
Currently, there are no sales in the United Kingdom.

Overview introduction

Product description

egm1000™ gives you freedom from finger-pricking to help you manage your diabetes.

egm1000 is battery-operated and includes a Main Unit (MU), which contains display and control features, as well as transmitter, receiver and processor, and a Ear Clip (EC), which is clipped to the earlobe and contains sensors and calibration electronics.

Product highlights

The device is small, light and easy to use and handle.

The Main Unit can be shared by up to three users, although each user requires his/her own (individually calibrated) EC.

The device includes a USB port for data downloading (enables off-line analysis), as well as battery recharging.

Features the key

Improve your disease management

Improve your disease management

Freedom to measure as often as you like. Estimated HbA1c* lets you see how well you manage your diabetes.
* In countries where permitted by regulation

Cost effective

Cost effective

A one-time Main Unit cost. No strips needed for prediabetics and non-insulin treated type 2 diabetic patients.

Practical and Pain Free

Practical and Pain Free

For home use with large colour touch screen and audible results and instructions in multi-language, pain free testing - no more pricking involved

Design The smartest

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