No finger-pricking when you use egm1000™

Frequent glucose monitoring may help you control and manage your diabetes

We understand that living with diabetes can be difficult both practically and emotionally, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We are here to help you along your journey with a unique solution to give you the quality of life you’ve been waiting for.

Monitor more for better control

Do you know that there are many benefits to frequent glucose monitoring?

Understand your diabetes

Understand your diabetes

You may understand your diabetes better

Reduce the risk

Reduce the risk

You may also reduce the risk of other health complications
such as eye disease, kidney disease and amputation

Long term view

Long term view

Having a long-term view of your glucose trends
will help you and your doctor to manage your diabetes care

Impact Small changes, Big impact


See the changes to your glucose levels with a proper diet, exercise and change of habits regime


You can feel empowered and more motivated
to lead a healthier life

Self Confidence

Have the self-confidence to help you
manage your diabetes

Life expectancy

In fact, frequent glucose monitoring may
increase your life expectancy