People with diabetes may have to check their blood glucose levels five and more times a day
The prevalence of diabetes is on the rise. People who suffer from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can live fuller, longer, and healthier lives by carefully regulating their blood glucose levels. To do this effectively, blood glucose levels must be monitored on a regular basis, in some cases as often as four or five times a day and more. Yet, blood glucose level monitoring with invasive devices is both painful and expensive. The pain comes from a lancet pricking of the finger-tip to produce the required blood drop for testing. The expense comes from the consumable test strips being inserted into a reader, on which the blood drop is placed. Steady hands and a considerable levels of dexterity are required when testing oneself. As a result of the pain and expense, many diabetics do not monitor their blood glucose levels as often as they should.
There are many types of blood glucose level monitors on the market today, ranging in price, ease of use, size, portability, and length of testing time. Each monitor requires its own type of testing strip, which typically can cost as much as $1 per test strip.
People with diabetes have longed for a glucose monitor that is non-invasive, non-intrusive, affordable, and allows testing without pain.
Evia Medical Technologies is pleased to introduce the egm1000TM, which offers pain free monitoring of glucose levels. After a short and simple calibration process, there are no test strips required, so there is no additional cost per measurement.
Evia Medical Technologies is focused on improving health, quality of life, and reducing risks of long-term diabetes-related health complications by minimizing glucose variability.